What are my career opportunities after studying in the USA?

Graduated in the USA, what now? - 14 December 2022

After you have completed four years as a student athlete, you have lots of possibilities! You can start a top sport career, do a master’s degree or focus on finding a job.

All over the world, student athletes are described and recognized as hard workers, team players and real goal-chasers! Student athletes are also known for their time management skills, just-do-it attitude, loyalty and their openness to criticism and feedback. Many top companies are therefore specifically looking for boys and girls who have combined sports and study at a university.

Are you ready to start working? Slamstox would like to help you kickstart your career. We do this with the Slamstox After College service, Open to all Slamstox student-athletes as well as non-Slamstox student-athletes. Want to know more about the Slamstox After College service? Check the page here!

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