How can Slamstox help me get a job after my studies?

Graduated in the USA, what now? - 14 December 2022

Slamstox has established a service for student-athletes who want to find a job in the Netherlands after their studies in America. Together with reputable Dutch companies, we map out what skills and qualifications a student-athlete possesses in order to match them with companies that suit you.

Thsi service is our Slamstox After College service in which we help returning student-athletes find a suiting job. The service is open to all Slamstox student-athletes but also to non Slamstox student-athletes! Just returned from America and don’t know what you want to do yet? Check out the possibilities with our After College service!

To do this, we work with companies in different fields. Are you interested in exploring your chances of getting a good job after your time as a student-athlete? Then feel free to contact us!

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