What companies could I work for if I studied in America?

Graduated in the USA, what now? - 14 December 2022

After studying in the US, your opportunities as a student-athlete are endless! Your backpack is full of qualities and experiences that will ensure that you can get into many companies.

Some student-athletes stay in America to do internships or work there. More and more student-athletes are also entering Dutch business market with top positions. Slamstox can help you with this, as we work with Dutch companies that understand the value of student-athletes, just as we do.

Slamstox can help you through our After College service. A service in which Slamstox helps returning student-athletes find suitable employment. This applies not only to Slamstox student-athletes, but also to non-Slamstox student-athletes.

In any case, we think you should go for the maximum achievable in your career: “Think Big!”

Would you like to know what your possibilities are after America? Feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities or look at this article and read the story about Slamtox and Welten!

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