How can I impress college coaches?

General - 2 November 2022

There are many more factors that coaches consider when deciding whether or not to add you to their team. Important ones include:

  • Academic results: as a student-athlete, you are also expected to care about your studies care and achieve good results. Coaches then look at your GPA and your scores on admission tests such as, for example, the SAT and the TOEFL.
  • Communication with coach: when in contact with coaches, it is important to show interest show interest and to be on top of things: make sure you don’t wait too long to answer from a coach. Slamstox helps throughout the process with having contact with coaches.
  • Video footage: coaches would love to see you in action. By watching video footage, coaches can get a better idea of your level. At our YouTube channel you will find many examples of recruiting videos.

Also read this article here you will find all 5 important factors coaches look for during the recruiting process.

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