How much money do I need, to go to America for 1 year as a student-athlete?

Costs and scholarships - 23 November 2022

Your costs for a year of study in America regularly include your tuition, lodging, food and other expenses. There are no extra costs to be a student-athlete compared to a normal student. On the contrary, it has its advantages: in fact, you can receive an athletic scholarship. The amount of the cost depends on several factors that vary by university and by athlete: 

  1. Your university’s tuition and living expenses: In fact, these can vary greatly from one university to another. They can range from $10,000 to $80,000 per year. This amount includes almost everything: your tuition, lodging, food and additional costs such as your insurance. If you are a student-athlete, the costs of playing sports are covered anyway. Such as sports clothes, materials, physical therapy and bus/flight trips to competitions;
  2. Whether you get a scholarship, and how high your scholarship is. Depends on your athletic level and your academic level. The school decides whether to award a scholarship and how high it is. If you are of great value to a team, you will receive a higher athletic scholarship. In addition, if you have good results in school, you may receive a partial scholarship for that as well;
  3. The other expenses you incur yourself. This may include, for example, your plane ticket home, your phone bill, leisure activities or other personal expenses such as clothes.

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