Can I do my Master studies in the USA?

Studies in the United States - 26 October 2022

You can certainly pursue a master’s degree in America. We regularly help students who complete their bachelor’s degree in the Netherlands and then pursue a master’s degree in America with a sports scholarship. When you have obtained a bachelor’s degree in the Netherlands, you can choose a master’s program in America that matches your desired field of study.

It is important to still have playing eligibility if you want to start a master’s program in America. This is something Slamstox can find out for you before you begin the process.

Sometimes, it is also possible to combine a master’s degree with a coaching role, for example by being an assistant coach on a team which covers much of your college expenses. Then you are no longer a student-athlete and do not receive an athletic scholarship, but a scholarship to help the team as a (grad) assistant. 

So there are many opportunities and possibilities! Want to know what is possible for you? Then contact us.

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