In this article we tell you more about student-athlete Bieke Roovers, in addition, at the bottom of this article you will find the video in which Bieke tells a little more about herself.

Sports: Women’s Tennis
Entry semester: Fall 2023

16-year-old Bieke Roovers lives in Leiden and has been quite athletic all her life. Until the age of 15, she played both tennis and field field hockey but then made the choice to focus entirely on tennis. She chose tennis because it gave her more pleasure and she noticed she was better at it. She was never really very good at sitting still and her athletic past shows that!

Bieke is a very social and helpful person, she always does everything she can to make sure everyone is having a good time and if she has the chance to help people, she seizes it immediately. She herself has a very positive attitude and does not like negative moods, therefore she thinks it is important that everyone around her is happy. She is very talkative and always gets along easily with everyone. As an athlete, Bieke is super easy to coach and does everything she can to get better at her sport. She loves to learn and absorbs information quickly.

She finds it important that she can combine her studies and her sport well because she knows that this is pretty much impossible in the Netherlands. She will do everything for her sport but also finds it important that she completes a good study in America.

”I think it’s important that when we win, we all do it together!”

Bieke Roovers

Would you like to see more about Bieke? Then watch the video below in which she introduces herself.