In this article we tell you more about student-athlete Jonah Steenvoorden, in addition, at the bottom of this article you will find the video in which Jonah tells more about himself.

Sports: Track and Field
Entry semester: Fall 2023

Jonah (2005) first played soccer for 10 years before starting his track and field career. It was only three years ago that he swapped soccer for track.

What makes Jonah special as a person is that he can completely lock in and focus but still maintain the balance and be social. He gets energy from people but also energizes people. It makes him happy to get the best out of others.

As an athlete, Jonah is good at focusing on improving himself. He can be happy with his results but will always look back on his performance with a critical eye.

What Jonah wants to achieve in America is to be the best he can be. He has only been doing track and field for three years and wants to know what his limit is and wants to achieve that. Not less important is making new friends and getting to know new people.

“ I am an eager and dedicated team member, I want to get the best out of myself”

Jonah Steenvoorden

Would you like to see more about Jonah? Check out the video below where he introduces himself!