In a few days it will be that time again, Christmas. But how is Christmas actually celebrated in America? How is it designed and what are the places to visit if you are in America during Christmas? In this article we tell you more about the typical American Christmas traditions and more. Read on quick!

As a student-athlete you are free for Christmas, many athletes also return home during this period to spend the holidays with their families. Others choose to celebrate this in America.

American Christmas traditions

There is hardly any country where Christmas is celebrated as big as in America. This period of Christmas and New Year’s Eve is also called ”Holiday Season” in America, a period in which everyone is free and spends a lot of time with friends and family. Weeks before it is actually Christmas, all cities and villages are already wrapped in a festive Christmas atmosphere with lights and other decorations.

There is also a big difference immediately compared to how we celebrate Christmas in the Netherlands. On the other side of the ocean they only know Christmas Day, unlike many Dutch people, the Americans celebrate Christmas Eve much bigger. Christmas Eve is also known as Christmas Eve, the night Santa delivers all the presents.

In addition, America is still seen as a Christian country. Many Americans can therefore be found in church on Christmas Eve for the so-called Christmas Mass.

In terms of Christmas decorations, America resembles the Netherlands, just like with us, they also put a (large) decorated fir tree in the house. In addition, typical large, Christmas socks are often hung on the chimney to complete the decoration.

Christmas in the USA

Celebrate Christmas in the USA

If you decide to celebrate Christmas in America, what are the most recommended locations? Because fair is fair, there are so many possibilities. Do you have family, friends in America or an American teammate? Maybe you can join one of them during Christmas dinner. Americans are often very generous and happy to invite you.

Santa Claus, Indiana

What better place to celebrate Christmas than in a place called Santa Claus. Santa Claus is called Santa Clause in America. The southwestern Indiana city is known for, how could it be otherwise, its Christmas theme. The city’s nickname during the Christmas season: America’s Christmas Hometown. Everything in this city breathes Christmas, all year round. With, for example, even a real Santa Klaus museum. It is not surprising that the city was voted the world’s best Christmas destination in 2011.

A fun fact about this city is that the city has a post office of the same name, Santa Claus, which receives thousands of letters for Santa from children all over the world every year.

Christmas sign in Santa Claus

New York City, New York

New York City in New York is always a must to visit, but during the Christmas season it has more to offer and there is even more to experience in this metropolis. A magical destination that actually needs no further explanation, not surprising that New York has been attracting the most tourists during Holiday Season for years.

A real must-visit if you are in New York during this period is the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center. This immense Christmas tree is the world’s most famous Christmas tree and attracts a huge number of tourists every year. So you will have to be patient, but you will not be disappointed.

Besides window shopping and looking at the beautiful decoration that hangs all over the city, it is also definitely worth going to Central Park. You can even put on your skates here to skate a round on the famous skating rink with a great view!

Skating in Central Park

Orlando, Florida

Don’t feel like a cold or white Christmas? Then Orlando is highly recommended for your Christmas destination! In December it is still an average of about 23 degrees here, which means celebrating Christmas in shorts. Sit by the pool and maybe even get a little tan, a unique interpretation of the Christmas period for many.

But partly because of this, it is probably very popular, because every year during this period countless Europeans also travel to this area to celebrate Christmas. Biggest draw? Disney World Orlando. An additional tip; buy a ticket to Micky’s Very Merry Christmas Party. You can then enter the park after the regular closing time, the biggest advantage is fewer long queues for the attractions. But there is more, all kinds of free food and drinks are distributed in the theme of Christmas and everything is of course completely decorated in a Christmas theme, including a parade in the Christmas spirit. A must visit!

Christmas parade in Disneyworld Orlando

Enough inspiration for a Christmas period in America. Do you already know what you will be doing during the holidays? Whether you spend the ‘Holiday Season’ in the States or are in the Netherlands during the holidays, or perhaps somewhere else. Team Slamstox wishes everyone a very Merry Christmas!

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