The new college basketball season has started again, the perfect moment to see which teams are on top and may call themselves favorites to win this season. College basketball has been immensly popular in America for years now, but more and more Dutch boys and girls are making the switch to play college basketball. We know that college basketball is big in America, but which universities are absolutely on top this year? We have made a top 10 of our favorites to win this season.

10. UCLA

University of California, Los Angeles is known as one of the best public universities in America. They have fantastic facilities for all of their student-athletes and compete for awards in almost every sport. Last year the UCLA Bruins finished first in their conference and this year they are eager to win their 12th NCAA title. In fact, the last title dates back to 1995. In Los Angeles they also have many other great sports programs, check out their university spotlight here!

Basketball team – UCLA

9. University of Kansas

Last year, the Jayhawks won over North Carolina in the finals, taking their 6th NCAA title! This year they are again among the favorites, despite having lost many of their senior players. That they are still high in the rankings is because they were able to attract many talented freshman because of their recent successes. The Kansas Jayhawks are known for their immense basketball facilities and stadium that can seat as many as 16,000 spectators. They also have a fantastic coach in Bill Self who has been at the helm for 20 years, he already made them NCAA champion once in 2008.

Kansas Jayhawks – University of Kansas

8. Creighton University

The Bluejays from Omaha are confident that this year they will compete for the title! Last year they were placed first in the Big East Conference. According to the experts, they have one of the most talented groups in the country. The big question is, are Creighton’s young players too young? After all, they have never won an NCAA title, although last year they did get very far. By the way, did you know that Creighton ranks No. 1 in our top 10 college soccer facilities? Check it out here!

Bluejays Basketball – Creighton University

7. University of Arkansas

One of Arkansas top universities is located in Feyetteville and has both a strong American football and basketball team. For example, the Razorbacks (as this university’s sports teams are also called) finished 1st in their conference, SEC, last season. Arkansas definitely has a chance to compete for the top prize again this year, as they have a great group of strong senior players who are on the radar of many NBA teams. It promises to be a true spectacle. as it is the last chance for these players to show themselves for the draft!

Razorbacks Basketball – University of Arkansas

6. Baylor University

In the 2020-2021 season, the Bears won their first NCAA title for basketball! According to many, they are going to finish high again this year! The university is known for their top-notch facilities for all student-athletes, annually competing for awards in almost all sports. Hopes for the team this year seem to be pinned on their stable seniors and ‘smooth playmaking’ freshman Keyonte George All in all, according to many, definitely a contender for the title!

Baylor Basketball – Baylor University

5. Duke

A lot is expected from the Blue Devils this year! According to the true experts, they have one of the best defensive teams in the country. The team consists of absolute top players, in addition they managed to strengthen themselves last summer with a great transfer from Illinois. As well as some other strong freshmen. They won their last NCAA title in 2015, and in total there are 5 NCAA titles behind Duke’s name. Last season they already showed that they are ready for another title, as the university finished 4th!

The Blue Devils – Duke University

4. University of Kentucky

This eight-time NCAA champion actually competes for the title almost every year! Kentucky is a top university for basketball, with great facilities including a huge arena where 20,000 Wildcats can cheer on their basketball team. This team also boasts last year’s “defensive player of the season” and is already one step ahead of the rest!

Wildcat’s stadium – University of Kentucky

3. University of Houston

This is not the first time the Cougars have competed in the top five. Despite not having a single NCAA title to their name, this year they really seem to be competing for the title. The Cougars’ experienced coach, Kelvin Sampson, is entering his 9th season and is confident that his university will walk away with the title this year. Last year they were already in the last eight of the country, this season they have managed to strengthen themselves with some top prospects who are already on the lists of many NBA teams.

Jarace Walker – Houston Freshman

2. Gonzaga

The Bulldogs manage to win their conference almost every year, including last year. However, the Bulldogs have never won an NCAA title in Basketball. This season they go all-in with some top seniors at the helm, the team has tons of experience and this could be the season for Gonzaga to win their first title! Fun fact; our own Thijs Seijler is a fan from Gonzaga and hopes that this team will be an contender for the win!

Bulldogs Basketball – Gonzaga

1. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

For most, it is probably no surprise that the Tar Heels are ranked No. 1 this year. Last season’s runner up, and according to many, simply has the best players in the country! Especially after the arrival of <a href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>Pete Nance</a> the people of North Carolina are already certain that their 7th NCAA title is coming. This university’s basketball stadium is not only tremendously bold to behold, but is also the fifth largest in the country. UNC is also one of the largest universities for college sports in America, for example, our own Eva Smolenaars played on UNC’s field field hockey team for four years.

Tar Heels Basketball – North Carolina

This was it, our top 10 basketball teams most likely to win the title this season. There are some super cool universities among them and it promises to be a real spectacle! Want to play college basketball or go to America for another sport? Then fill out this form and we will help you out.