Last week we posted out top 10 with best college soccer facilities, this week its time to tell you about our top 10 T&F facilities. So T&F athletes, pay attention here… Some great facilities will pass by in this article. Check it out!

10. Clemson Tiger Indoor Track & Field Complex – Clemson University

Clemson University indoor track is located next to the Rock Norman Outdoor track complex. This indoor track was built in the year of 2003 and the total construction cost for this complex was $3.6 million dollar indoor.

Clemson indoor facility is a 200m track with a six lane with a 73-foot radius. The facility consists of an athletic training room, restrooms, concession facilities and seating for 1800 spectators. This facility hosted the 2004 and 2007 Indoor Track and Field Championships.

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9.  Gilliam Indoor Stadium – Texas A&M University

The Gilliam Indoor Stadium is highly known around the country because it hosted four NCAA indoor Track and Field competition. This high-end facility is fully air conditioned and is equipped with climate control systems. Gilliam indoor track & field stadium was created with the same surfacing that was used for the Beijing Summer Olympics in 2008, the surface provides skid resistance, force reduction and shock absorption.

This six-lane and 200-meter facility is one of the fastest indoor tracks in North America. It has the capacity to hold about 4,100 fans. What make this track so cool is that it can be adjusted to any interval, which makes it perfect for a variety of levels of competition and training.

A-to-Z: Gilliam Indoor Stadium - Texas A&M Athletics -

8.  Birmingham Crossplex – Birmingham Southern College

The Birmingham Crossplex track is a 200m hydraulically banked track, this track is the only one of seven in the United States and one of ten in the World. The openening of this track was in the year of 2011 and ever since this track has hosted over 500 events and this amount grows every year.

The Crossplex includes warm up areas, 60-meters lanes alongside regular lanes. During track events the athletes has access to lockers, stretching area and showers. In the Crossplex there is a extra room built for athletes that need to be helped with taping, heat pad use and icing. The capacity of this track is about 4,000 spectators with four entrance and exits bleachers. It has seating on both sides. It also has a VIP suit, for special guest.

Birmingham CrossPlex wins Indoor Track Facility of the Year | NEWS | Mondo  Spa

7.  Eddie Smith Field House indoor track – University of North Carolina 

The Eddie Smith opened in 2001, it is a 200-meter Mondo track, and it has six-lane. The facility has been used for off season trainings and camps for Olympic athletes. The indoor field has a coaching office, a huge scoreboard and locker rooms. The Eddie Smith Field house has different sport facilities for swimming and American Football.

Tar Heels Return Home For The Fourth Art & Linda Maillet UNC Open -  University of North Carolina Athletics

6. Liberty Indoor Track Complex – Liberty University

Liberty Indoor Track Complex was established in January 2017. The field is 300 feet wide and 425 feet long, with a height ranging from 46-66 feet. The layout of the fields includes space for all six events, such has shot put, weight throw and high jump pits, the pole vault, triple jump and long jump.

Liberty indoor Track Complex is one of few indoor tracks that is large enough for loft (where teams gather) and a second-floor mezzanine area. The complex can hold a maximum of 5,000 fans, including more than 2,500 athletes.

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5. Randal Tyson track and field center – University Arkansas

The Randal Tyson track center was originally designed for the World Championships in Toronto, Canada. The total construction cost of this station is $8 million, it includes 2 jumping runways pits, custom video scoreboard and pole vault mats area. The track is a 200-meter, 60-meter straightaways running and a 60-degree banked track. The training center also has four 60-meter lanes for warm-up. The track is red and grey, which matches the theme of the Razorbacks because it’s their indoor home track field.

This facility has hosted many big indoor track and field events, such as: 12 NCAA indoor Track and Field Championships, 8 SEC Championships, and in 2016 indoor conference.

Razorbacks announce track and field schedule for 2021-22 | Arkansas  Razorbacks

4. Rector Field House – Virginia tech University

Rector Field House was built in 1917, but it was renovated in 2018. The total cost of the renovation was $18 million dollars. The enhancements that came with the renovation were a new roof, new surface, new lighting and added 32,000 square feet to the structure. This is the home training and competition field of Virgin Tech University Athletics track and field team.

Go Virginia!

Track and Field signs six new members to Fall 2020 class - Virginia Tech  Athletics

3.  Loftus sport center Meyo Field – The University of Notre Dame

Meyo Field is a 100-yard turf field, surrounded by a 352 yard six-lane track which adds this track, to the list of the largest indoor in the nation. This field was gifted by Raymond D. Meyo, he graduated from Notre Dam University, after the varsity football team found another football indoor training center, Notre Dame renovated the stadium and made a track and field indoor track.

Irish Set to Host Meyo Invitational – Notre Dame Fighting Irish – Official  Athletics Website

2.  U-M Indoor Track Building – University of Michigan

The U-M indoor track is a 200-meter competition hydraulic track and surrounding the track there is a 3 lane 300-meter track used for practice. This adjustment makes it the only complex in the country with that setup. The surface material used on this field is the same material that was used at the 2016 IAAF World Indoor Championships.

The capacity of the built-in bleachers can hold up to 2000 spectators but can accommodate up to, 3500 spectators for big events. This indoor facility is surrounding by many other sport facilities such as, golf, lacrosse, tennis, wrestling, and an outdoor track and field center.

A Runaway Success - Alumni Association of the University of Michigan

1. Virginia Beach track and field indoor track- Virginia Beach

The indoor track is a hydraulically 200-meter banked track with a capacity of more than 5,000 spectators. Virginia Beach indoor track facility is in a $68 million-dollar worth sport center. This center consists of 24 volleyball courts, 12 basketball and 1 indoor track.

If you were lucky enough to be part of track and field college division 2 team this year, because those athletes were the one of the first athletes to step foot on this field. The facility will host the upcoming NCAA Indoor Track and Field Championships starting in 2023. In the upcoming years it will host the 2024, 2025 and 2026 NCAA Indoor Championship.

A Design-Build Success Story: The New Virginia Beach Sports Center - Clark  Nexsen

This was it, ten unique T&F accommodations at American universities. With great facilities, special stories and the opportunity for players to participate in T&F at a high level and study within an inspiring environment. But besides these ten universities, there are of course many more schools that offer college T&F and have special and good facilities. Do you know an awesome college T&F facility that definitely belongs to this list? Then let us know via the socials!

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