American and Dutch people are like water and fire. They are each other’s greatest opposites. The Dutch are straightforward (Americans call this “Dutch Directness”), where Americans always want to be friendly. The Dutch are quite down-to-earth, while the over-enthusiastic American likes to hear oneself talk. Moreover, the American is real risk-takers compared to the Dutchman. Where in the Netherlands everything is relatively small scale, in the US everything is oversized. So are the sports and events that take place in America. And the latter is exactly what our student-athletes are looking for. In this article, 5 reasons are summed up why you should choose college Track & Field.

Great “fight” between different schools


The facilities for Track & Field cannot be compared to the facilities in the Netherlands. Obviously, it depends on the level of professionalism of the school, but overall, the facilities in America are breathtaking. For our student-athletes it is highly important to continue to develop themselves in America. Not only in class, but also on the sports fields. American schools are known for supporting their students getting the most out of themselves. Many of our Slamstox athletes are therefore faced with more professional facilities than they are used to.

Below is a sample of the facilities at Mississippi State Track & Field. Not only is the gym beautiful, but the stadium has undergone an upgrade. There is now room for more than 3,000 people. Can you see yourself going to Mississippi State already?

Combination school and academy

For many student-athletes, combining school and high-level sports is extremely difficult. Most schools in the Netherlands take little or no account of a student’s sport. In America, this is completely different.
In America, the system is built in such a way that school and sports are perfectly compatible. The teachers take into account the time you have to spend on training or competitions. Obviously, this does not mean students can rattle off their schoolwork. The school assumes that you are motivated to get the most out of yourself in both facets.
Of course, combining school and sports requires a lot of discipline and energy. However, it is fantastic to play sports matches in America. In addition, large distances are regularly travelled to get to the location. Playing a match is therefore often a major activity. This is also very special about college Track & Field.

Once in a lifetime experience

The combination of sports and studies in America is a unique one. Nowhere else in the world this mixture is so well organized as in America. For many student-athletes it is an experience to remember. It is a big step to move to America, but once you are settled it is the best time of your life.
According to many, it is truly a “once in a lifetime experience”. You often only have one chance to grab this opportunity, but as soon as you do you should grab it with both hands. Believe me, this “opportunity” is not for everyone. Studying in America is for the “ordinary” citizen very expensive. The fact that the school helps pay for your studies is a great privilege that you get as a student-athlete.
Moving to America is a big step, but you get a lot in return. You will cherish the contacts you make there for the rest of your life. Learning about other cultures is also an extraordinarily opportunity. There are many people of different nationalities in a team. It’s exciting but also very special.


In America, athletics is more of a team sport. Not only do you sport with your teammates, but you often live and study with your teammates as well. The feeling of being part of a real “team” is much more intents in America than in the Netherlands. It ensures that there is a strong bond within the team. Regularly, special team activities are organized to maintain and support this bond.
Also, the course of a competition is different in America than in the Netherlands. In the Netherlands, individual performance is much more important than in America. In America, a lot revolves around the final results of the team. After a match, the most important thing is that your team is on top of the list, while the individual performance is only for your own development.

teamwork makes the dream work

Not only the athletes are part of the team. The coaches are also an important aspect in a team. It is also very important to have a good relationship with the coach. At Slamstox we make sure that the match between student-athlete, school and team is the perfect one.

Earlier we wrote about college coaches and the Olympics and about what a college coach looks for during the recruitment process. . Check it out!

Level of competitions

Due to the high level of professionalism of American schools, the level of competitions is very high. The coaches are available 24/7 and are always open to brainstorm or train with you. Moreover, the number of participants in sport competitions is higher. In the Netherlands, at big cross country races, there are about 30-40 participants in the race. In America it’s really different, sometimes 250 athletes are competing in such a race.
In America you also are able to participate in more games than in the Netherlands. Often, In the Netherlands the cross and indoor seasons are intertwined. In America these seasons do not overlap, so you can focus on a specialization per period. This can increase you performance during competition.

Our own Track & Field specialist Famke Heinst has experienced all these great moments. She now helps the future Slamstox-athletes to find a great scholarship in the USA. Do you want to know more about the super fun time of Famke in America? Check out the Q&A.

As you can hear T&F college in America is very fun but also very serious. Are you ready to take on this challenge? We would like to help you.