As a student-athlete you spend most of your time on sports and studies. But you go to the United States for the full experience. You will not get that experience by being behind a desk or on the sports field, but by meeting new people and travelling a lot. Fortunately, there are times in the year when you go off campus and you can discover the country. And we like to tell you all about it!

Your holiday is the perfect moment for that cool roadtrip! Naturally, America is very big and you probably will not have the time to travel across the country in one time. We are going to split the US in regions. Are you ready? We’re going on a trip!


The American West coast is known for the great weather, the beaches, cool cities and awesome surfspots. Through this link you will find the Pacific Coast Highway Road Trip. With this road trip you go from San Francisco to San Diego in only 6 days time. The nice weather in California makes sure you can take this trip throughout the whole year. By taking beautiful roads with palmtrees you visit cities like Santa Barbera and Los Angeles. Ultimate beachvibes! So: get that top down of your convertible and LET’S GO!

Pacific Coast Highway


You can visit a lot of states in the Western region of the US. You can find multiple Western road trips through this site. In this region you have awesome cities like Las Vegas, Salt Lake City and much more.

Besides that, you have really cool nature. In Wyoming, you have Yellowstone National Park and in the state Utah you have lots of places that you have to see! Check out the video below to see what we mean.


Are you in Oklahoma, New Mexico, Texas or Arizona and you love nature? You are in luck! The best national parks of the States are in this region. You can find many of the Canyons in the South West of the US. The most famous places are Grand Canyon, Antelope Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Devils Garden and Monument Valley. It sort of feels like you ended up in the Wild West. These canyons can be quite far apart, but they are so worth it! See the picture below if you don’t believe us.

Grand Canyon – Arizona


Maybe you have heard of the famous Route 66? Otherwise your parents will know it. This next level road trip goes all the way from Chicago to LA. You will need your entire summer if you want to take the whole route, because it has a length of 3940 km. That is 11x from Maastricht to Groningen in the Netherlands. Not everyone has the time to take the entire trip, but you will have quite an impression of it if you can do a small part. Chicago is a nice place to start, like you can see in the picture below.

Chicago – Illinois

South East

The South East of the US is one of Slamstox’s favourite places, mainly because it has the most schools! Of course, it is not all about education in this region and you can travel to awesome places as well. This site has sorted out the best road trips in the South East. Nice bonus for the students: these are all on a budget!

You can check quite some things off your Bucket List in South East USA. On the list below, you can find a few ideas to get that full American experience!

North East

And last but not least, the North East of America! This is of course the place of “The city that never sleeps”: New York City. A very impressive city with lots to do. But the North East has more to offer than that. This roadtrip takes you to all the best cities of the East Coast. For example, the Unites States capital Washington, D.C!

Washington, D.C.

Are you curious about how this might be for a student-athlete? Past summer, Slamstox athlete Bloem van den Brekel took a trip across the country! She went on a road trip with her school friends from the University of New Hampshire, and they recorded everything. Check it out!

Are you thinking: “This is the best adventure ever!”? Get in contact with us and we will look at your possibilities to make it happen!