1. The Blind Side

The Blind Side is a must-see movie based on a true story about Michael Ohrer, a homeless and traumatized boy who became one of the best American Football players of his time. The story follows Michael’s inspiring journey from high-school through college to professional football in the NFL. A large part of the movie is about his time as student-athlete at Ole Miss University, where our very own Isolde de Jong currently plays tennis.

2. Rudy

For many young Americans, becoming a student-athlete is a dream. For Rudy too. This biographical film shows how Rudy – against all odds and overcoming many obstacles – makes his dream of competing on the Notre Dame Football team a reality. The movie is a fantastic depiction of American college sports and shows what people are willing to do to become a student-athlete.

3. We are Marshall

In 1970, a plane crash killed 75 people, among which were 37 players of Marshall Univeristy’s football team, five coaches, two trainers and an athletic director. The film depicts the aftermath of the plane crash, during which the Marshall football team is being rebuilt despite the immense grief. It reveals how school spirit can bring thousands of students together as one, and what that unity can achieve. The ending will give you chills.

4. Glory Road

March Madness is always crazy. But in 1966, the NCAA Division 1 Men’s Basketball Championship game was not only crazy, but also ground-breaking and controversial. This movie is based on a true story about the successes of the first-ever all-black starting lineup in NCAA history. The team was led by coach Don Haskins, who recruited players based on talent rather than race, which for Texas Western College ended in one of the biggest victories of the school’s history.

5. Coach Carter

You can’t go to America without having seen Coach Carter. Although this movie is not about a college team but about a high school basketball team, it is a must-see movie for any student-athlete. The film depicts Coach Carter and his tough and unconventional coaching style. He drills discipline and he punishes the team if they don’t meet the Grade Point Average minimum. Although the team loses some of its best players, Coach Carter does achieve what he wants.