What is a student-athlete?

You hear it in films, you see it on resumes, and you often encounter the word student-athlete on our website – we are The Student-Athlete Company after all! The literal meaning of the term student-athlete speaks for itself, but what does the term really mean?

‘Student-athlete’ is the American term for a university student who isn’t only a student at a certain university, but who is also an athlete on one of the university’s “varsity” sports teams. Every student-athlete is recruited by a college coach to represent their team in league matches and tournaments against other universities. As a reward, student-athletes often receive athletic scholarship so that they have to pay less (or nothing at all) for tuition, housing and food.

Once you arrive on the college’s campus, your student-athlete life begins. You practise with your team, travel to tournaments with your team and compete in games and matches with fantastic school spirit. And all that while you also earn a university degree! It sounds like a lot, but student-athletes are being taken care of very well – U.S. colleges and universities prioritize the success of their student-athletes. They support them in all possible ways to allow them to optimally develop as a person and an athlete, to stay healthy and to be successful in the classroom as well as on the field. It is for this reason that most universities have free-of-charge academic tutors, physiotherapists, (sports) psychologists, nutritionists and more, all solely for student-athletes. Click here to take a look into the lives of some of our Slamstox student-athletes who are currenlty in the United States. They take you around their universities and give you an idea of what it is like to be a student-athlete in the United States.

Being a student-athlete in the United States is a big deal. Student-athletes are often described as hard workers, team players and goal chasers. They’re also known for their time management skills, just-do-it attitude, loyalty and openness to critique and feedback. That is why many top companies are specifically looking for boys and girls who have combined sports and studies during their college career. So, your LinkedIn profile cannot be void of the term student-athlete!

To become a student-athlete at an American university you have to meet certain criteria. Dutch students have to have completed their HAVO or VWO curriculum and you have to meet criteria set by the NCAA, the American college sports federation.

Apart from the requirement to meet certain criteria, there are other things that have to be organized before you can start as a student-athlete. You obviously have to be recruited by a college coach to represent his or her university, but there many more steps that have to be taken in your road to college sports in the States.

At Slamstox, it is our job to help you through the entire recruiting process, from start to finish, without missing any steps and without any difficulties. We even have an app that guides you through the process to make sure the process runs smoothly!

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