Can I see something about other Slamstox college swimmers or divers?

Swimming and Diving in the United States - 16 November 2022

Slamstox has placed many college swimmers/divers at various universities! The athletes are all unique and different from each other. For example, we have placed top national athletes, such as Nyls Korstanje, Tim Korstanje and Else Praas, but regional swimmers and divers have also left for an American university through Slamstox to combine sports and studies.

Slamstox student-athlete Nyls Korstanje is not only active for his university NC State, but also swims international competitions for the Dutch team. For example, he was also active at the Olympics in Tokyo, 2022. Check out this interview, to get to know how he prepared for Tokyo.

Nyls Korstanje - Swimming - Slamstox

Slamstox athletes are part of universities spread across all states: from California to Florida to New York City! Check out the full list of slamstox athletes here!

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