Swimming and Diving in the United States

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College swimming & diving - Fun Facts

Did you know that…

  • Georgia Technology University’s “aquatic center” was built for the 1996 Olympics? The stadium features 1950 seats! Check out the pool and other top venues here.
  • 10 of the 35 swimmers on the U.S. swimming team at the 2016 Rio Olympics were student-athletes at the University of California Berkeley?
  • Ryan Lochte and Dara Torres, swam a combined 23 Olympic medals together, both went to the University of Florida?
  • Michael Phelps graduated from the University of Michigan and then worked there as an assistant coach?
  • Our Slamstox topper Nyls Korstanje, currently swimming at North Carolina State University, swam a world record along with world number one Ranomi Kromowidjojo? He also won the silver medal at the European Championships in the 4x100m in Glasgow.

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What are my career opportunities after college swimming/diving?

After you have spent four years swimming or diving and studying in college, there are guaranteed to be many opportunities for you: both in and out of the swimming pool! Some of the best college athletes choose professional swimming careers while many others begin working careers in the field they studied for.

Are you ready to start working? Slamstox would love to help you kickstart your career. We do this with the Slamstox After College service, accessible to all Slamstox student-athletes and non Slamstox student-athletes. Want to know more about the Slamstox After College service? Check out the page here!

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Can I see something about other Slamstox college swimmers or divers?

Slamstox has placed many college swimmers/divers at various universities! The athletes are all unique and different from each other. For example, we have placed top national athletes, such as Nyls Korstanje, Tim Korstanje and Else Praas, but regional swimmers and divers have also left for an American university through Slamstox to combine sports and studies.

Slamstox student-athlete Nyls Korstanje is not only active for his university NC State, but also swims international competitions for the Dutch team. For example, he was also active at the Olympics in Tokyo, 2022. Check out this interview, to get to know how he prepared for Tokyo.

Nyls Korstanje - Swimming - Slamstox

Slamstox athletes are part of universities spread across all states: from California to Florida to New York City! Check out the full list of slamstox athletes here!

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What is college swimming/diving?

More than 600 universities in America offer scholarships for boys and girls who want to combine swimming or diving in America with their study.

College swimming/diving in America is the ideal way to get better at your sport, get stronger both physically and mentally, and make friends with other student-athletes from all over the world! But at the same time, learn more about yourself and have the time of your life.

All of this serves as a good start and preparation for your future career: whether in or out of the pool!

College swimming

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How does college swimming/diving work?

College swimming and diving is probably different from how you are used to it in the Netherlands. First of all, you swim or jump not only for yourself, but mainly for the college and the team!

On average, a team consists of 15-25 athletes who compete against teams from other American universities. In swimming and diving, the scores of these two disciplines are combined, these together form the total team score.

Swimmers compete on different events (relay, butterfly, breaststroke, etc.), with these you collect points for your team. If you come first in your event, you earn the most points. The total points of all the events make up the total team score.

The same goes for diving, the best on each part receives the highest score for his/her team. The total points are added up, so there is always a winner.

Although every athlete swims or jumps for the team, in both swimming and diving you can also qualify individually for the national championships.

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What about scholarships for college swimming/diving

Studying at an American university can cost as much as $65,000 a year! An amount that is unrealistic for almost all students. That is why almost all universities with college swimming/diving teams offer the opportunity to obtain both an athletic and academic scholarship.

Slamstox helps you find a scholarship so that your college swimming/diving experience becomes affordable. Some student-athletes receive a full scholarship, in which case you can play sports and study in America for four years free of charge. Other student-athletes receive a partial scholarship, which covers a (large) part of the study costs. Here you can find more information about scholarships and costs in America.

Swimmer - college - Slamstox

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What are the athletic requirements for a scholarship in America?

The level of college swimming/diving is divided into several divisions in which 2,000 universities compete. As a result, the level of swimmers and divers is very diverse, ranging from top (inter)national athletes to boys and girls competing in regional tournaments.

Through this link you can find more information about the different divisions in America.

College swimming - swimming - Slamstox

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What are the academic conditions for a scholarship in America?

To do college swimming/diving, you must have completed at least high school. However, there are several options: – You have a completed HAVO or VWO diploma; – You have a completed (two-year) MBO education; – You are pursuing a bachelor’s degree; – You have a completed bachelor’s degree.

Here you can find more information about the various options.

American universities offer a wide range of degree programs at many different levels. So as long as you meet the requirements, we’ll make sure the perfect match with a university is made for you!

Appalachian State University

Not sure if you meet the requirements or want to know more about your options? If so, feel free to contact us!

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