How does college swimming/diving work?

Swimming and Diving in the United States - 2 November 2022

College swimming and diving is probably different from how you are used to it in the Netherlands. First of all, you swim or jump not only for yourself, but mainly for the college and the team!

On average, a team consists of 15-25 athletes who compete against teams from other American universities. In swimming and diving, the scores of these two disciplines are combined, these together form the total team score.

Swimmers compete on different events (relay, butterfly, breaststroke, etc.), with these you collect points for your team. If you come first in your event, you earn the most points. The total points of all the events make up the total team score.

The same goes for diving, the best on each part receives the highest score for his/her team. The total points are added up, so there is always a winner.

Although every athlete swims or jumps for the team, in both swimming and diving you can also qualify individually for the national championships.

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