Can I stay in the United States after my studies?

General - 2 November 2022

If you want to stay in America longer, there are several options for extending your stay in America after completing your bachelor’s degree. We briefly explain these below.

1) Optional Practical Training (OPT) Every international student has the opportunity to work in America for 1 more year after completing a bachelor’s or master’s degree. Many students use this year to find a suitable company that offers full-time employment while funding a U.S. work visa.

2) Extend your stay by continuing your studies with a Master’s degree or PhD. In this case, you must reapply for a student visa and apply for the relevant program. There is playing eligibility as a student-athlete for a period of 4 years, so there may no longer be an athletic scholarship available. However, there are other ways to reduce your tuition costs. Want to know how? Then take let’s meet.

3) A work visa! Another way to continue living in America is through a work visa. It frequently happens that international student-athletes receive job offers from American companies during their studies or just after.

4) Last but not least: find an American girlfriend or boyfriend, and get married! Or sign up for the Greencard lottery: if you are very lucky, you can earn a green card to live and work in the America 😉

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