In this article we tell you more about student-athlete Maud van Duin. Below you will also find the video in which Maud tells more about herself.

Sports: Field Hockey
Entry semester: Fall 2022

Maud, who is only 16 years old, lives with her family in Hazerswoude-Rijndijk in the Netherlands. She started playing hockey when she was 6 years old, as a child she already knew that she wanted to play a team sport. She currently plays in the highest team at her hockey club Alphen.

Maud comes from a big family where she is the oldest of 5 children. This makes that as a person she likes to take care of others, she helps her younger brothers and sisters with all kinds of tasks. This aspect of Maud is also seen by her teammates, she likes to be there for others and strives for team performance. An important quality for a student-athlete. She is often busy coaching her teammates from the pitch.

Maud’s potential has been shown by her rapid development and great results in her youth. She won two championships with her team: one with the U12 team in the 1st class and one with the U14 team in the subtop class. Maud’s speed, good technique and good passing contributed to these great successes.

During her time in the US, she wants to strive to the highest attainable level in both athletic and academic fields. The combination of both is difficult in the Netherlands, which is why Maud is looking forward to College Field Hockey. She aims for a successful school career but also attaches great value to creating new friendships. After her time as a student-athlete, she still wants to do everything she can in the Netherlands to play hockey at the highest level, which also shows that Maud is full of perseverance and ambition.

“In the USA I want to get the best out of myself at both an academic and athletic level, I hope to play hockey at the highest level in the Netherlands after 4 years of college”

Maud van Duin

Maud adds value to a college field hockey team as a defender with good technique, good passing but also as a team player who does everything to win. Would you like to see more of Maud? Watch the video below in which she introduces herself.

Check out Maud’s recruiting video via this link and her athlete profile hereon here.