This week in the spotlight; the university of Slamstox-golfer Walt Potters: Marymount University. Walt started playing golf with his parents when he was 10 years old. Before that, he also played hockey and tennis. In 2019, Walt started focusing more on golf. He joined the men’s team at his home course and in 2020 Walt won the junior championships! Walt decided to make a move to Marymount University, to further develop himself as a player and as a person.

Walt Potters

Walt explains below why he chose Marymount University:

“I chose Marymount because of the good connection with coach Kelly and the great location. Besides that I think it’s a great place for me to improve as a player and person.”

Are you curious about all the great facilities of Marymount University? Keep reading!


Marymount University, the first Catholic university in Virginia, was founded in 1950 as Marymount College. In that time, the university was for women’s only. Through the years, it has grown into a coeducational university and the name changed in Marymount University. About 3,500 students are now studying there every year.

Campus Marymount University

The campus is nearby Washington D.C., the capital city of the United States of America. Marymount’s location, just a short Metro ride from Washington, offers many opportunities for entertainment and fun. So you don’t have to be bored!

Besides the beautiful location of this university, the facilities are also great. The main campus is the home of Marymount Athletics. As a student-athlete, you will spent many time here. All sports facilities are located in the Rose Bente Lee Center, including the field where the basketball and volleyball teams play.

Fun fact: Marymount University has it’s own Starbucks. You’ll find this a little further from the main building, in the Ballston Center. You don’t need to worry if you don’t own a car, Marymount University offers a free shuttle service, making it easy to get from the Ballston campus to the main campus.

Do you want to become a student-athlete in the USA?


Walt and all the other student-athletes at Marymount University are called “Saints”. The Saints consits of 20 sports teams who compete in NCAA Division lll. These teams are divided into 10 men’s teams and 10 women’s teams. The sports for men are: baseball, basketball, cross country, golf, lacrosse, soccer, swimming, tennis, track & field and volleyball. The women’s sports are the same sports, the only difference is that they play softball instead of baseball. You can recognize the Saints by their blue color. Watch the video below to get an impression of what the student-athletes at Marymount University look like.

A mascot can’t hardly be missed at a American school. Ofcourse, the Saints also have a mascot. Meet Bernie Da’Dog who cheers all the Marymount athletes. #GoSaints

Mascotte Bernie Da’Dog


As a student-athlete, you spend also a lot of time studying. That should be fine at Marymount University, because you have a wide range of studies. The most popular majors are: Registered Nursing, Business Administration and Information Technology. Curious about all the studies Marymount University offers? You can see them here.

At Marymount University diversity and inclusion are a high priority. Marymount is ranked #1 for most international students in U.S. News & World Report’s 2021 Best Colleges Rankings. Students come from 43 different states and 68 different countries. Marymount is in second place for Campus Ethnic Diversity.

At most universities in America, students wear graduation robes and caps during graduation. You have probably seen this in American movies. At Marymount they also wear these robes and caps in blue during Graduation Day. Check out the photo below to see how nice everyone looks!

Graduation Day – Marymount University

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