This week’s University Spotlight is about Rutgers University (RU), the largest public university in the state of New Jersey! The university is one of the 8 oldest universities in the USA and is now recognized as a ‘Public Ivy School’. But there is more: one of our athletes has recently signed with Rutgers!

Min Chae Kim, an Amjoy tennis player through and through. Min Chae and her parents are from Korea, but she has lived in the Netherlands since she was 3 years old. She switched from the international school to Sint Joris College, the sports school in Eindhoven. She is now taking her final pre-university examination. At a young age, she joined Amjoy to get the best out of her tennis career. Annemieke van Sambeek, founder of Amjoy, has worked intensively with Min Chae over the years. The two have developed a special relationsip, Annemieke says the following about this:

“Min Chae had no family background in tennis or top sport, so she defenitely is the pioneer of the family. Her parents have supported her 100% in everything, but her intrinsic motivation, created by her love for the game and her inexhaustible work ethic, have brought her to where she is today. Winning gold on the Junior Tour, victories at Tennis Europe and ITF tournaments, becoming champion in the first division… Great performances, but her most special victory was in Waalre. Her first match ever, I told her to play but she did not dare to in the first place. She thought her opponent (a little 11-year-old girl) was scary. Min Chae has taken huge steps, I am so proud of her. ”

Besides single tournaments, Min Chae also plays a lot of doubles tournaments. She played with Slamstox Student-Athletes Laura Rijkers and Joyce Nouws as well.

Just as Laura and Joyce were, Min Chae is now also ready for the next step in her sports and school career. That’s why she officially signed with Rutgers University this month, this transforms her from Amjoy Tiger to ‘Scarlet Raptor’ in a while! Both Min Chae and Rutgers Tennis are very happy with that! They posted this message on their athletic website. Min Chae tells us why she chose for RU:

“I chose Rutgers University because I’m really confident that they could provide everything I need, athletically as well as academically. From the amazing facilities to the fact that they compete in the Big Ten Conference. I feel like Rutgers is the perfect place for me to start my next chapter.”

Min Chae Kim – Slamstox Student-Athlete

Min Chae and her family made this signing-moment extra specials. How cool!

Curious about more? Keep reading!

Rutgers University is one of the oldest universities in the USA, it was founded on November 10, 1766, which is more than 254 years ago! At the time, the university was called ‘Queens College’ but it was renamed in 1825. More than 75,000 students are now part of RU every year!

The university is located in New Brunswick, New Jersey. New Brunswick is a city with 55,000 inhabitants. The university consists of 3 different campuses, in addition to this, various buildings can be found in the city that are affiliated with the university: both residences for students and study buildings. The main building looks like a fairytale!

A fairytale-like university has special facilities. As mentioned earlier, Rutgers University is home to the Rutgers University teams known as the Scarlet Knights, Raptors and Raiders. A number of great facilities can be found on campus:

SHI Stadium
The SHI stadium is the largest stadium on campus, where the American Football matches are held. In 2008 the stadium was renovated for millions of dollars! Now it can accommodate nearly 53,000 spectators. Looks cool right ?!

Rutger Athletic Center (RAC)
Various annual events are held in this stadium, as well as the basketball and wrestling matches. There is room for 8000 spectators and is therefore seen as one of the nicer stadiums in the country.

A beautiful tennis complex, a huge golf course, a great gym, special swimming facilities, a softball complex and much more … There is everything to be found at RU! Would you like to see more about the campus? Check out the Campus Tour video made by the university!

Former President Barack Obama delivered the commencement address at Rutgers University on May 15, indirectly criticizing Donald Trump by mentioning some of the presumptive Republican presidential nominee’s policies, including his plans to build a Mexican border wall and ban Muslims from entering the country.

“In politics and in life, ignorance is not a virtue,” Obama said. “It’s not cool to not know what you’re talking about. That’s not keeping it real, or telling it like it is. That’s not challenging political correctness. That’s just not knowing what you’re talking about.”

Students loved his speech at the University and shouted at the end “four more years!” “Unfortunately, I can’t” he said with a smile.

The Rutgers Athletes consist of 27 teams, many of the teams participate in the Big Ten Conference within the NCAA Division 1. Some teams participate in the second division. The university color is Scarlet, which is a red color. Mascot ‘The Scarlet Knight’ can be seen at many sports competitions and events.

RU is known for the impressive Fight Songs they sing for the sports teams during matches, the chorus goes as follows:


The melody and lyrics of the whole fight song can be seen in this video!

American Football
The American Football Team, known as the Scarlet Knights, had its best season in decades in 2006. The first 9 games were unbeaten that season. Then they managed to beat the unbeaten and 3rd seeded Louisville Cardinals, a surprise to everyone. Fans stormed the field and still enjoy ‘the most special victory in RU history’. After this game, Rutgers jumped to seventh in the AP Poll, eighth in the USA Today / Coaches poll, and sixth in the Bowl Championship Series rankings.

Women basketball
The women’s basketball team is currently considered one of the most successful teams in the university. Led by Vivian Stringer, the team has already achieved many successes: they were 4th placed in the country, won the Big East Championship, played the final at the national championship and won the Irv Grosmann Award of Merit. Keep it going Girls!

Rutgers University is recognized as a ‘Public Ivy School’. You probably all know the concept of an ‘Ivy League School’, a title that only few universities worldwide have. Examples of Ivy League schools are Harvard, Yale and Brown University. The term ‘Public Ivy Schools’ was invented in 1985 by Richard Moll with his book ‘Public Ivies: A Guide to America’s Best Public Undergraduate Colleges and Universities’. Initially, only 8 universities were covered. Later, in 2001, Howard and Matthew Greene added 30 other universities to the list. And Rutger University has also become part!

The term actually means that a university offers the level of an ‘Ivy League Study Program’, but at a public university. Rutgers University is one of the top 25 Public Schools in the USA. Are you curious about which courses are offered? check it out here!

Do you, just like Min Chae, want to become student-athlete in the USA? Or do you like some extra information? Reach out!