Many young Americans have one dream: to become a student-athlete at a university where they can combine their sport and simultaneously earn a university degree. But it’s not only Americans who compete in U.S. college sports. American coaches also look for players outside of the United States to strengthen their teams. Many international guys and girls receive scholarships to combine sports and studies in the States. But it’s not just for anyone.

Academic level

To be able to become a student-athlete in the United States you need at least a high school diploma. That means that you can still become a student-athlete if you have already started university in your own country – often your classes and credits will even transfer to American universities!

Athletic level

The level of sports in the United States differs per division and  per university. For basketball or baseball players it might be a bit harder to earn a spot on a college team because these sports are very big in the U.S. For soccer and field hockey players, however, the opposite is true, since these sports are generally performed at a higher level outside of the States.

Although almost anyone could earn a spot on a roster, only the best will be offered athletic scholarships. So, if you are amongst the top athletes in your sport on the regional, national or international level, there is a high chance that American coaches are willing to put money down for you because they want you to represent their teams. Such a scholarship can reach as high as $85 thousand a year.

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