Mark van der Linden

Mark van der Linden is a very strong decathlete from Haag Atletiek, specialized in hurdle events. Mark is a fast learner and has high consistency on many events. He is interested in joining a strong and ambitious college track & field team in the Fall of 2021.


Mark is a quick learner and has improved tremendously over the last few years. He wishes to continue this in the States. His ultimate goal is to become top 5 ranked in the US for decathlon.

Mark started his track & field career at a very young age. But as Mark said: ‘’the fun really started when I was twelve’’. He started to win national championships back to back and kept improving himself. Mark struggled with some minor injuries during the past years but managed to get back up and get stronger every time. He is currently practicing and looking forward to the biggest milestone in his career, the European championships under 18. Mark keeps on practicing everyday both mentally and physically and is looking forward to see what the future will bring him.

Mark has won 3 national championships in the Octathlon, 3 national championships with his team and placed 3rd on the national javelin event (193.96 ft). He has shown great performances under pressure.

His personal bests (March 2020) include the following:

- 100m: 11.16s
- 110mh: 14.51s
- 200m: 22.34s
- 400m: 52.65s
- Longjump: 6.72m
- Highjump: 1.75m
- Pole vault: 3.30m
- Shotput 5kg: 14.19
- Javelin 700gram: 59.12m
- Discus 1.5 kg: 47.58m
- Octalon: 6.292 points
- Decathlon: 6.252 points with one DNS

- 60m: 7.31s
- 60mh: 8.20s

Mark is eager to improve his 1500, pole vault and high jump because these are his weakest events. Academically, Mark is looking for a university where he can major in a biological and/or biomedical program or a sport science program. We believe that Mark is a very talented athlete and could be a strong asset for many college teams.

If you are interested in Mark please feel free to reach out to Make sure to check out his details section for more information about his academics.


Check out some of Mark's highlights and further details for a quick overall impression

Sport: Track & Field
Country: USA / Netherlands
Available: Fall 2021
GPA: coming soon
SAT: coming soon
TOEFL: coming soon


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