Percijn van Haeringen

Percijn van Haeringen is a Dutch, right-footed, winger currently playing for the U19 team of Jong Brabant in the Netherlands. Percijn is currently finishing up his first year of University in the Netherlands and is interested in joining a highly motivated college soccer team in the Fall of 2020.


Percijn mainly plays as a right winger. He has experience playing as a forward and as a right back.

Percijn started playing soccer around the age of 8, and started playing as a midfielder for Sc 't Zand D1(first team) at the age of 12. His team won the KNVB-cup (Dutch national cup), and in addition he was scouted by Willem II (Eredivisie club in the Netherlands). He made a transfer to Jong Brabant C1 at the age of 14. At Jong Brabant he won the Omroep Brabant cup (Dutch regional cup). He continued his career at Jong Brabant as right winger and at the age of 17 his team ended up at the 3th place in the their league. Percijn scored 25 goals in that season. When he turned 18, he became the captain of this team.

Percijn is a true leader on the field and competes very well. We believe that his physical strength, good openings in the game and having an eye for tactics during the game, can help him during his college career. Percijn's athletic goal is to improve as a soccer player while earning a quality degree in the US.

Percijn will be able to bring in at least one year worth of University credits and would like to complete his major related in social sciences and/or economics.

If you are interested in recruiting Percijn, feel free to reach out to for more information.


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Sport: Soccer
Country: Netherlands
Available: Fall 2020
GPA: 3.5
Transfer Student
TOEFL: coming soon


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